Min hälsning till Junge Union

Hälsning hållen till de tyska unga kristdemokraterna i Junge Union vid Deutschlandtag i Braunschweig idag: 

Dear friends of the Junge Union,

Delegates and visitors of the Deutschlandtag,

My name is Aron Modig and I am since June this year the National Chairman of the Swedish Young Christian Democrats, KDU. This is my first visit to the Deutschlandtag and I am happy as well as excited for the opportunity to attend this event; to meet with you, to talk with you, to have fun with you and, of course, to follow your discussions.

We have a lot to learn from you, politically but also on how to engage and activate so many young people for such a great purpose. Coming from the relatively small Christian Democratic Party of Sweden, it is very fascinating to follow how you, here in Germany, have been able to be this successful in your work for low taxes, law and order, freedom for the individual, stronger and more stable families and a big and strong civil society. Your work for a more value based Germany is very impressive and we try our best to have a similar impact on Sweden.

I really hope that we, the Junge Union and KDU, will continue to have a great partnership. That we will continue to cooperate within YEPP, within IYDU – where KDU is now an observing member – but also on a bilateral level. So thank you for hosting this event, thank you for inviting us and thank you for being such a great political movement.

Me and KDU wish you the best of luck in your future work for a more Christian Democratic Germany. Thank you!

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