The Economist hyllar Sverige

I veckans upplaga av veckotidningen The Economist hyllas Sverige i krönikan Those exceptional Swedes. Tidsskriften uttrycker tro på att den svenska regeringen ska genomföra ett gott halvår som EU-ordförande och hyllar även den svenska regeringens hanterande av ”bilkrisen”. Då The Economist menar att Frankrikes president Nicolas Sarkozy resonerar på följande sätt:

The state must use “all means necessary” to preserve key industries: ie, give carmakers billions of euros. In return, it is “quite normal” to ask them to halt lay-offs, to keep existing factories open and if possible to “bring production home” from lower-cost countries.

… har statsminister Fredrik Reinfeldt följande ekonomiska syn:

Governments should focus on ensuring individual workers are employable, not propping up uncompetitive firms. For him, the problem with the car industry lies in “the overproduction of cars that nobody wants to buy.” That leads him to a blunt conclusion: save the workers, not the factories that turn out such clunkers. In his words, “when a ship is sinking my main aim is to save the sailors, not the ship.”

Finansmarknadssminister Mats Odell citeras angående vilket arbetssätt som bör gälla då ett europeiskt regelverk för finansmarknaderna ska tas fram:

EU decisions on financial regulation can, in theory, be taken by majority vote. And some countries would be happy to outvote Britain and impose rules that would rein in the City of London. But that is not Sweden’s plan, says Mr Odell: Swedes believe that consensus is the best way to take long-term decisions that all can live with.

Även utrikesminister Carl Bildt blir omnämnd:

A giant in a Europe of diplomatic pygmies, Mr Bildt would make a fine EU foreign-policy chief. Alas, his brilliance is matched by a reputation for arrogance (ie, he is Swedish), so some countries may block him. A pity.

God marknadsföring!


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